Congratulations! Writing a book is a huge achievement.

Taking the steps to make your story ready for readers can be daunting, but it means you’re one step closer of achieving your dream of getting this book published. Here’s where I can help!

I majored in writing at university and have a degree in Communications. I have over ten years experience in this field, including creative writing, editing and proof-reading. I have also published my own novel and am in the process of publishing two more.

What I will do for you:

From a reader’s perspective, I will read through your manuscript and add comments and critiques. I will also provide a 2-3 page reader report answering questions based around these categories:

  • Was your first chapter gripping enough to hold my attention?
  • How was the character development?
  • What were some of my favorite parts?
  • Was anything confusing?
  • How was the plot and pacing? Could I visualise the scenes?
  • Are there moments where the story lagged?
  • Was the dialogue natural? Did it flow well?
  • Was the ending worth reading the whole book?
  • Would I change anything?
  • Any errors or inconsistencies.