Book review: Running Wild

Published On: 01/25/2022Categories: Reviews485 words2.5 min readViews: 175

*Some minor spoilers ensue

I’ve only ever welled up with one book before.

It was Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, and it was the second time I read it. It was last year when I was experiencing burnout, the pandemic was getting to me, and my mental health was not great.

I don’t know if I’m still feeling particularly emotional, or if K.A. Tucker’s writing is getting impossibly better, or if I connected to this story more than I have with others – but I got teary, more than once. I felt complete, but also empty when it was over, because I didn’t want the story to end. It was beautiful.

A woman sits in a movie theatre crying and says: it's so beautiful.

Jumping back into the world of the Wild Series was as wonderful as I’d hoped it be.

Tucker paints the most beautiful picture of the Alaskan wilderness and lifestyle, the descriptions sucking me back into a fictional world I’ll forever wish was real.

This story follows veterinarian Marie Lehr, the woman who I saw as a threat to the wonderful story of Jonah and Calla, and a character I wasn’t sure I’d warm to – BUT I DID. Almost instantly. I think the reason I enjoyed this story so much was because I really connected with Marie. I related to her struggles with ‘staying the same’, and not progressing in life as ‘you’re supposed to’. I related to some of her feelings around fertility. I felt her pain as she experienced love and loss and whilst I now have a book hangover from hell, it was worth it.

Other things I lovedddddd:

I LOVED Tyler Brady. Here for him. All of him. Just PERFECT, obvs. And towards the end, when they have that moment in the parking lot of the Ale House. MY HEART.

I also loved that Jonah, Calla and other Wild favourites made several appearances, and as a result, I got to see their stories continue. I loved having a different view of Jonah and Marie’s friendship. I loved the new characters of Cory, Marie’s parents and the fact that animals make an appearance in every chapter. Everything’s better with animals.

I loved how Tucker dealt with the sometimes controversial topic of dog-sledding. It opened my eyes to a whole world I am pretty naive to, and I liked getting an insight into a sport I might have otherwise immediately written off as ‘animal cruelty’.


Honestly, this review isn’t so much a review, as just an opportunity for me to share with anyone who will read this, just how much I loved this book.

A solid 4.5 stars. Man, I’m even considering 5 stars with how I still feel about it.  I stayed up until 2am (after five hours of reading) and finished it this morning the minute I rolled over.  Contemporary romance lovers who can handle a slow burn, I cannot recommend K.A. Tucker’s books enough – especially this one.