The Safe and Stronger community for women

Published On: 06/16/2019Categories: Life506 words2.5 min readViews: 13

So I’ve created a Facebook group for us ladies (sorry gents).

The idea of the group is to provide a safe space for women to talk about the things that matter most to them. Whether that be anxiety and other mental health issues, relationships, aspirations, fears or whether pineapple belongs on pizza – the Safe and Stronger community is a place where all women can be themselves without fear of judgement.

Where you can ask questions and start discussions about things that might be playing on your mind. Where you can feel SAFE talking about things that matter to you and get STRONGER by talking about it (yes, might be a bit cheesy, but I think it could work for now). ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I know this is yet another group in the endless stream of them on Facebook, but there were a few reasons I thought this could be a good idea:

  • I often ask people for input and feedback on topics on my blog and find it difficult to pull together all the different bits of information. I also struggle sharing this valuable insight in a timely fashion with those who could really benefit from it.
  • I have received lots of private messages from different people who all seem to have a common issue/problem/fear, but aren’t talking about it because of stigma/rejection/backlash/people are shit (take your pick).
  • I would like to shake the stigma of some of these said topics.
  • It’s a great way to feel connected, not just to those who read my blogs now and then, but for a group of women who share common interests to come together in a safe space.

This group isn’t about me.

I want this to be about all of us. The one-way communication I have with you all via my blog and emails is great when all I want to do is talk about myself and my problems, but I feel like there is a gap there.

I hope that this group will be about its members and run by its members. That everybody will feel confident to ask questions, chat to each other, give advice and discuss what’s important to them, whether we all agree or not.

Sometimes a trusted group like this can help people dealing with all sorts of different things, whether that be anxiety and the whole world of mental health, social isolation, difficult conversations or career advice. And it’s not all doom and gloom either. We need to talk about the big wins in those areas, as well as all the rest, such as wins at work, fitness goals and achievements, relationship ups and downs and everything in between.

Ladies, if you’re interested in coming to a place that’s welcoming, open, honest and has your back, please find the group by typing Safe and Stronger into the search bar on Facebook, or by visiting here and requesting to join the group (you will need to log into Facebook).

Hope to see you all over there soon :)

Han x