There is no day of the week called “Someday”

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There is no day of the week called “Someday”

Dr Phil told me that, by way of the chat he had on the Joe Rogan Experience this week. It was like someone – no wait – it felt like Dr Phil himself – dumped a bucket of icy cold water on my head and smacked me through the speaker.

I’ve been saying for months now, that a goal of mine was to get 50 people subscribed to my mailing list.

Just 50. I think I’m about 13 off that number and I know plenty of people, so it’s not completely unattainable. I’ve been making plans for things I want to send to those people specifically and what I can do if I grow my network, but have been putting it off and putting it off and putting it off, because long story short, I’m being a big giant baby (I wanted to use more colourful language here, but Facebook doesn’t let me promote posts if I swear in the first few paragraphs, laaammmeeee).

Basically, it all comes down to the fact that: I am scared.

Scared of trying and failing. I’m scared because I don’t really know with absolute certainty how to get where I want to be. Or what I’m doing. Or exacts of what I want. I don’t want to come across as try-hard or someone who is preaching or seems in-genuine. I am so concerned about what others might think of me, that I’ve stayed in the same spot for so long. One of the reasons I created my second Instagram account was so my family and friends on my personal account didn’t think I was shoving my anxiety/travel/fitness/ranting down their throats. And even with that, I’ve stopped posting photos like I used to and doing my Instagram stories like I used to, because there is some sort of weird paralysis that overcomes me every time I go to do it.

Lately life has been throwing me some emotional curveballs. People around me are going through some heavy experiences and whilst they’re not happening to me, I am feeling all sorts of heightened and weird feelings of late. Feelings that are making me analyse and feel even more than I normally do, and keeping me in a cycle of “bigger picture” thinking.

In the last 48 hours I have listened to two podcasts with Joe Rogan. One had Colin O’Brady as his guest (the lunatic who trekked across Antarctica in 54 days by himself) and on the other, good old Dr Phil. Both of their conversations touched on people following their dreams, but stressed the importance of not just dreaming about your dreams. They talked about taking action, “getting after it”, taking risks, putting plans in place, doing something about what you want to do rather than just saying to yourself “Someday I will”.

And as Dr Phil put so eloquently – there is no day of the week called “Someday”.

If anyone is going to give you some tough love/ slap across the face action, it’s Dr Phil. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to achieving goals and this podcast was the reminder of just how much I am getting in my own way. I need to keep trying and working. Not only that, I want to try. I want to create something that is mine, that makes me excited to work hard every day. I’ve had waves of inspiration, but they tend to fade away and I lack the discipline to keep that momentum going. I am sure, if you are reading this, that you can relate on some level.

Pain is a motivator and the pain of staying in the same place has finally caught up with me. Again. I’m not really okay with the fact that this has happened before, but I figure it’s better to realise and accept this again, rather than feel shameful and give up altogether. Right? Yaass qween.

What have you been putting off, that you are hoping happens Someday?

Being completely honest with yourself might be a scary and vulnerable thing to do, but the outcome might give you the slap across the face that you need. Maybe it’ll help you set out some goals, change some bad habits and light a fire in your belly, or under your butt. Hell – go download the podcast right now and see if his stern voice makes you straighten up like it did for me.

For those who want my neurotic ramblings straight to their inbox (including some additional ones I am in the process of planning) my mailing list subscription is available at: Man, there’s nothing like some shameless self-promotion to make your anxiety peak I can tell you that much. But whatever, this whole post is about overcoming that fear and keeping the fire lit under my butt.

And it’s the community that read my blogs and support me with all of this stuff that help keep that flame going. 

Big love,