Good year, bad year

Published On: 12/31/2018Categories: Life557 words2.8 min readViews: 16

Well, here it is. The obligatory wrap-up-of-the-year post.

It’s the time of year when many of us reflect on the previous 12-month period and slap it with a sticker of “good year” or “bad year”. Many of us humans (including myself) like to label, sum-up, categorise and put things in a way we can easily process them. It’s human nature and as mentioned, I do it all the time. Whilst I don’t believe that good events or bad events should label your entire year, I do believe in this sort of reflection. It’s interesting to think about the good moments you loved, or those moments you might’ve forgotten about. The moments that shocked you or took your breath away; the ones that helped you grow or the ones that made you question your morals and beliefs.

Maybe I feel this way because, if I had to choose, I’d say I had a “good year”. And it was good because I:

  • Travelled to three different countries and had the time of my life.
  • Ate and drank my bodyweight in gyoza, banh mi’s and beer (and I’m kind of proud of it).
  • Worked a whole year on a secondment at work and survived.
  • Challenged myself with different eating and training regimes (and proved to myself I could do some things I never thought I’d be able to).
  • Spent quality time with my nephews who now both hug me willingly.
  • Made new friendships and strengthened old ones.
  • Worked on my writing and blog posts more than I ever have ever.

On the whole, it’s been a generally good year. Of course, there were some shitty times in there too. Seriously. If I wanted to make everyone of you saddy or feel sorry for me I could probably do it. But who wants to focus on those? Definitely not me.

Reflection at this time of year is also good for goal-setting and thinking how you would like things to change going into a new year. I know it’s mostly a mental thing, but there’s something about going into a new year that sort of wipes the slate clean. I’ve got a fresh start to do some good stuff, to tick some more boxes, to get closer to some of my goals. Writing definitely slipped away from me in the later part of the year, for a variety of reasons, but the approaching new year has lit a fire under my butt. It may be cliche to be all gung-ho about something in the new year, but if it’s getting you to do good things for your soul, then who cares?

I hope everyone reading this can look upon the year they have just had and pick out at least three moments that made them happy or feel accomplished or even grateful. Focusing on those things, especially when you might consider 2018 to have been a “bad year”, will hopefully help put a smile on your face and go into 2019 with a happier disposition.

Thank you to every single person who has read my posts, supported my Smith Standard journey to date and encouraged me to keep going. The fact that so many of you take the time to read my words and send me messages in your own time means more to me than you know.

Happy New Year everybody.

Han x