Only a month late, NBD

Published On: 02/01/2018Categories: Life499 words2.5 min readViews: 13

Well bloody hell mate.

It’s the first day of February and I haven’t put up a single blog post all year, even though my intentions in the new year were to get straight into it. Wtf.

Life has been crazy busy for the month of January. Not only was I desperately searching for my soul after the hectic-ness that was Christmas and New Years, I’ve also been working a lot more. As a reward for slogging it out in the office, I’ve been filling my weekends with antics, when I really should have been recharging and re-focusing for the year ahead.

Some of you may know that I recently went for a higher level job at my full-time work, and got accepted into a new position on a secondment. While getting a promotion at work has been awesome, my workload has skyrocketed like a mofo. The re-shuffle in the organisation has meant that we are temporarily down a member in my team, so I’ve basically been working my new role and my old role at the same time. I love being busy – sure – but I don’t love spending ten hours at the office a day. When that happens I tend to put in an abysmal effort at the gym and then neglect my writing when I get home, cos all I want to do is lie down and play Candy Crush. And then the cycle repeats.

And you know me, naturally I’ve just been complaining about it for a month. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve had a minor ugly-crying breakdown in my car (some of you may have seen that one), neglected my blog completely, consumed too much alcohol (some of you may have seen that too) and not read the books I hired (IKR – I re-joined the library like a NERD as suggested by my sister, and it’s awesome) and I’ve just let the excuses take over. It was on the last evening of January (yes, last night) when I was lying in bed feeling flat AF, that I took action. Annndddd it’s also because Josh made me. He helped me write down some goals to  get me to where I want to be by the end of the month. And while I’ve got a lot of work to do, breaking it down week by week makes it seem completely achievable.

So it’s the first of February. I’ve got some work to get done in the next 28 days (like a lot more writing, reading, training, healthy habits to maintain, things to see and do), but I feel better for the first time in ages. It even inspired me to spend my lunch break writing this, instead of going outside or working through like I usually do. How good am I? (this question is rhetorical).

We’ll see how long the high lasts though – I’m currently cutting down on sugar and carbs, so I imagine my irritability is gonna skyrocket any day now. Sorry in advance (not really).

Hannah x