Just a cheeky eight week re-cap

Published On: 09/04/2017Categories: Life538 words2.8 min readViews: 18

You know what I’ve learnt? You can’t get your dream body and drink beer every weekend. Soz guys.

Woman in Australian airforce uniform

Costume-swap at the 80s party

I started out strong, eating clean and resisting beer, and I saw the positive effects immediately. This isn’t new information – if you eat well and move your body, if you look after yourself mentally and physically – you’re going to see great changes. Your skin looks better, you feel stronger in the gym … you just feel good. For anyone out there currently on that path, you just need to be patient and kind to yourself and it will happen. It’s science. Just stick with it. Don’t do what I did.

What did I do? Uhhhh, well instead of sticking to the plan and saying no to temptation, I got impatient AF and cracked under the social pressure about two weeks in. Beers are my kryptonite what can I say? I’m not ashamed #YOLO.

I smashed out some hella good booty sessions, kept training up consistently, but the beer and snacking … oh the beer and snacking. I didn’t curb those habits so well. I can’t say no to a beer on a warm day and I love to eat way too much than humanly necessary. I was doomed from the start right? Haha, I definitely wasn’t doomed, I just know I didn’t have the right goals or mindset at the time. However that does not mean it was a complete failure …

The past eight weeks in a nutshell (in no particular order):

  • I experienced the worst hangover I have ever experienced. In my entire life. Ever. Bitch ain’t 18 anymore and whoever thinks working hungover is doable is fucking dreaming. Not that I would ever work hungover … but for argument’s sake, let’s say I did. (Thanks a lot ERIN).
  • I went to an 80s-themed birthday party, stayed at said party until 3:10am and have no regrets.
  • I fell asleep on the table at Nobby’s. Again.
  • I met my brand new nephew and died with happiness. And then died again when my first-born nephew let me play with him and his trains. He also let me put him down for his naps. Twice.
  • I visited Sydney and drank espresso martinis at the Opera Bar at midnight.
  • I’ve learned I actually feel pretty good in a bikini. I’m no rig, but I’m okay with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I went from thinking I look hideous in hats, to buying multiple, and becoming a #GCgirl who wears LA and NY caps in an array of colours.
  • I’ve had some of the best times with friends over the past eight weeks.
  • Aaannnd I made new friends (Brock, you is a deadset legend).
Man and woman in Sydney

Midnight espresso martinis

Goals are a great thing to have, and after I get back from my holiday in three weeks (YOU KNOW!) I’ll have some new ones to aim towards. I have no doubt that eating well and training will be high on the list as I’ll feel (and probably look) 10kgs heavier. But until that time, I am going to revel in the fact that the past eight weeks were wonderful, even if I did “fail”.

If at first you don’t succeed, have some beer, and then try again.