Love is love: marriage equality

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If marriage equality bothers you, don’t marry someone of the same sex.

Simple pimple. Lord, give me strength.

While it hasn’t been formally launched, it looks like we’re having a $122 million dollar postal ballot. A voluntary, expensive AF postal vote where Australians will be asked “should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

Awesome. You bunch of total fuckwits (sorry mum).

If you’re a little lost on what I’m talking about, go ahead and do a quick Google News search for plebiscite or postal ballot and get up to speed. Seriously, go ahead I’ll wait.

Right – now that you’ve caught up, here are my ranty thoughts in a list because I’m too fired up to string a proper sentence together:

  1. The postal vote is voluntary, which means it will be met with apathy – a shitload of people will be like “meh, I can’t be bothered” and won’t vote. Not to mention those people who don’t bother to check their mail, or haven’t updated their address since 2011 when they were living in a share house in Southport with six other people. No, the people who will vote will be those who have a vested interest in this situation – the LGBTQI community, their supporters, and then – the haters, which brings me to my next point.
  2. A postal vote is opening up the LGBTQI community to a fuckload of hate, not to mention emotional trauma. I’ve heard today that someone referred to the children of gay parents as the ‘stolen generation’. Sweet Jesus. I’m not gay, and don’t have anyone close to me who is gay, but I do support marriage equality and for treating people like human beings. I believe people who are gay should have the choice on whether or not they want to get married and have it be recognised under Australian law.
  3. Did I mention it’s costing taxpayers $122 MILLION DOLLARS? Did I also mention I am a taxpayer?! Christ almightly Turnbull.
  4. The outcome of the postal vote isn’t binding. Two thumbs up again Australian Government.

Let me be very frank – I am not an expert on this topic. That’s probably pretty obvious. When I first heard the word ‘plebiscite’ a couple of months ago, I didn’t have a clue what that word meant until one of my idols, comedian Em Rusciano, starting talking about it on her podcast. If I’m being super honest, Em Rusciano is the main reason I am informed on this topic. She’s a massive advocate for the LGBTQI community and if you don’t know who she is, you should get around her here. She’s relentless in discussing this issue and supporting those who are affected by it, and hearing her passion on the subject inspired me to do my own research. And now I’m so overwhelmed with information, I’m minutes away from bursting a blood vessel.

I wish this was a more intellectually-written blog post, but I don’t feel educated enough on the topic yet to say everything I want to say. I’m not even sure if it’s appropriate for me to write anything about this topic to be honest. I’m sure members of the LGBTQI community are sick to death of everyone having an opinion on their lives. On that note, I highly recommend reading this article on, written by someone from the LGBTQI community, who explains beautifully how they’ve been feeling through this whole shitfight, and also gives more insight into what the actual fuck is happening and what it all means. Do yourself a favour and give it a read.

On a final note …

If the postal ballot goes ahead, you could be receiving the paperwork in the mail as soon as September, with the count happening in November. Make sure you’re enrolled to vote, that your address details are up to date and that you get on board with the rest of the country/world/universe. Whatever your sexual orientation, you should have the choice to marry the person you love. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone has an issue with this being legalised. How can someone else’s happiness have a negative on you?

I mean seriously – anyone who is against this needs to pull their fucking head in.