Always look on the drunk side of life

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You know what I did on the weekend? Got absolutely bbbllliiinnnnndddddd.

On a fitness journey to make smarter, more healthy choices, and I end up sinking a bazillion frothies and five espresso martinis on a Saturday night, falling asleep on the table (classic Han-move) and waking up on Sunday with a bucket next to the bed and no recollection of how I got home. Wow Hannah, you are awesome (insert eye-roll emoji here).

Now, for the record:

  • I did not vomit
  • did eat a couple of slices of pizza on the night in question (which was effing amazing)
  • I made it home with the majority of my friendships still intact (thanks for understanding guys)
  • I did not eat a heap of shit food post-hangover, although I did probably eat more than necessary (big brekky, acai bowl, pasta – huzzah!)

And guess what? I don’t regret it. Not even a little bit (well, maybe a tiny bit). But it was so much fun. It was unplanned and chaotic; it was messy and loud; it was full of laughter and dancing. I sang my heart out to live music, had DnM’s with my mates … a night I can’t remember, with the people I’ll never forget, or whatever that saying is. Corny AF, but true.

People drinking shots at Nobbys Arc

A night out at the local (this is from 2016, but the outcome was the same)

The following day, also referred to as Hangover Day, my gorgeous friends Jaz and Jess picked me up so I could attend Burleigh Hill, and help celebrate legendary Mel I-just-wanna-be-part-of-your-symphony Betty’s birthday. And while I sat there looking out at the breathtaking view, surrounded by friends (and about a thousand other people) good food and live music, I thought “this is what it’s about”. Feeling so content and happy about your life, even if a part of you is feeling sorry for yourself because you’re hung AF. I am so fucking lucky.

For the record, I don’t feel that positive or grateful every minute of the day. I am a chronic whinger and complainer (clearly), but each and every day I try to look on the brighter side. If I catch myself falling into a conversation with people that is bitchy or full of complaining, I try and turn it around or I make an exit. I haven’t always been that way – I used to be SO NEGATIVE ALL THE TIME, but good people have helped me change.

People on Burleigh Hill

Burleigh Hill, Gold Coast

And that’s not to say we don’t all have our moments – pretty much everyone I know has seen me in a foul mood. I am a big advocate of venting to those you trust and talking out your frustrations and that having a shitty day is going to happen. My friends and family know that when I am extra tired, hangry, and more tired, I have a glare plastered on my face and curse everybody under my breath. Legit. I often grunt or say “I hate you” when my boyfriend says “good morning” at 4am. Mate – you should know by now to not talk to me at that time of the day.

The bottom line is though, that you don’t stay in that dark, moody place. You need to make sure you pull yourself out of them when you can, whether it be a negative headspace, a conversation that is doing nothing for the soul, a friendship that makes you feel like shit or a job that you hate.

I surround myself with people who think and feel the same way I do the majority of the time and I’m telling you right now, it’s made a hell of a difference in my life. If the people you associate with bring out the worst in you, don’t lift you up or make you feel happy, it may be time to reassess some of your relationships. To be fair, this was something that came with age for me. When I was younger, it was all about quantity of friends, but as the years have gone on, I have realised I have less and less energy to put up with or try and please people I don’t click with. If it’s not there, it’s not there.

My point? What is my point?

That life is full of ups and down. You can be on a challenge to get more of a booty (like me), but sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s okay. When you’re feeling grateful or happy, tell people, sit in that awesome feeling of gratitude and ride that happy wave, because that’s what life should be about. I sound so God damn preachy right now, I’m actually making myself sick. Bleh.

On a final note …

Whenever you’re fed up and stressed about life, just remember that you’ll be dead and forgotten soon, so nothing really matters. Have a great day. – Ricky Gervais

I agree with so much of what Ricky Gervais says it’s ridiculous. But anyway, whatever your beliefs are about what happens after you die (I ain’t getting into religion and the afterlife today), look at that statement in a positive light, rather than a negative. If that is in fact the case, if my time on Earth is all I have, then I need to make the most of it. We all do. When you’re getting stressed out and worked up – have your bitch-fit and then try and remind yourself that there are more important things in life, and we’re not going to be here forever. Life is short, so enjoy it.

I know what you guys are thinking: that that last part is so original and profound and has never been written before. You’re welcome. *sarcasm used here.

Disclaimer: can I just say (on the other end of the spectrum) that you don’t have to be chipper-as-fuck every minute of the day either, or not allow yourself to feel down. Those people are a freak breed, and while I’m all for positivity, I don’t need someone up in my grill/Instagram/Facebook all day erryday trying to convince me of how happy they are and how they #lovetheirlife and are #blessed. Shut up.