One of those Isagenix Rants

Published On: 08/12/2014Categories: Health & Fitness535 words2.7 min readViews: 12

I’m sure many of you are aware of the Isagenix craze that is sweeping certain parts of the population.

Some love it and some hate it. I have best friends, close friends, acquaintances and strangers popping up on my news feed with updates on how much weight they have lost, how happy they are, how much money they’re making and how they’re on a journey of bettering lives. They don’t have any room for negativity towards this cleanse and anyone who says a bad word about it is clearly unhappy in their own life.

Imma stop you right there.

I am sick to death of it being okay for people doing this cleanse to ram it down people’s throats but the minute someone disagrees – you’ve got a whole cult of people having a go at you for voicing your opinion.

NEWSFLASH: if you’re going to spam the shit out of your social media accounts with a product that has a) never been proven to be healthy for your body and b) involves ripping off your family and friends with the hope of giving them a quick fix to their body issues, then prepare yourselves for some criticism.

I had a whole page of ranting on here, but I’ve decided to keep this short. Everyone else has been sharing their opinion on the subject so here’s mine:

  • I do not believe in quick-fixes or starving your body.
  • I support those in the industry who are providing long-term solutions and guidance to people, based around good nutrition and exercise.
  • There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Supplements are exactly that: supplements for the real thing (I once even looked into starting this regime myself until I realised it was having shakes in place of real food).
  • I don’t like this attitude of: all those who speak ill of Isagenix are ignorant and “missing out”. The fact that I don’t believe in selling an unproven product in a pyramid scheme to my friends and family to make a quick buck and BRAGGING about it every fucking day, doesn’t make me ignorant. Seriously, whatever happened to letting success be your noise?
  • Some of us not involved in Isagenix don’t hate our lives.
  • Maybe posting screenshots of my bank account will prove this.
  • I’m annoyed with myself for even writing a post about this.

The bottom line is that I love my friends, I don’t love Isagenix.

I saw an update from a girl who wrote “if you don’t like hearing about my journey, feel free to unfriend me”. As this girl was only a friend of a friend the only action I could take was to block her. But I will follow her suit and say this to anyone who disagrees with me:

If you don’t like what I’ve had to say, if you’re sitting there shaking your head thinking “poor Hannah, so unhappy”, if you think my attitude is negative or offensive and you don’t want to be associated with me – not even a problem.

Feel free to unfriend me. I won’t miss you.